Great news from the office here at Funabiki Shoten! We passed our HACCP certification inspection in March 2020! Our shucked flash (“proton”) frozen oyster product, Dekapuri Oyster, is now officially certified.

Funabiki Shoten HACCP Certification

HACCP, Hazard analysis and critical control points, is a systematic approach to controlling hazards in manufactured food products. It was originally developed by Pillsbury (with NASA) to create safe food for consumption in space. You can read more about the history of HACCP and why it’s important for the food industry at Wikipedia.

The seafood industry in Japan is changing to meet global demand and keep up with the competition. Japan Fisheries Association is constantly improving and working with international bodies to keep businesses like ours informed on the latest guidelines. Working with consultants at Earth Environment Service, and through lectures with instructors from the Japan Fisheries Association, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to food safety and premium quality in all our products.

HACCP certification is something we’ve been working toward for about two years now. While the documents and record keeping are an important part, far more important are the employees that have helped implement and maintain manufacturing standards on the factory floor. Special thanks go out to our floor manager Mr. Minami and all machine operating staff (especially Ms. Morioka, Ms. Kawahara and Ms. Hikimoto) for their tireless effort in creating and maintaining new sanitation and production quality standards.

If you’d like to learn more about HACCP through the Japan Fisheries Associations you can read about it in Japanese here:
or in English here:

You can find a list of Japanese seafood manufactures with the certification here (Excel file in Japanese):
and here (Excel file in English):